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Car accidents are a common occurrence, and many of them are caused by negligent drivers. However, not all are caused by carelessdriving.


Failing to maintain your automobile and poor road or weather conditions are among the many reasons an auto accident may occur. In this post, our Houston auto accident attorney will discuss some of the common car maintenance issues that you should avoid to prevent car accidents.

Ignoring scheduled maintenance – Sue For Car Accident

No matter how reliable your car may seem, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition. However, if you neglect basic car maintenance, such as changing the oil or rotating the tires, you could experience a sudden breakdown. This can lead to an accident. So, it is important that you keep up with your car maintenance.

Neglecting the “Check Engine” Light – Sue For Car Accident

The “check engine” light on the dashboard performs a very important function by letting you know that your car engine needs urgent attention. When you ignore this warning, the next thing that could happen is that you see smoke coming from the hood of your car. It could leave you so alarmed that you end up colliding with another vehicle. So, whenever you see the “check engine” light on your dashboard, it’s a good idea to take the car to a trusted mechanic.

Not changing the oil routinely – Sue For Car Accident

When you fail to change your oil regularly, your engine cannot run efficiently and may breakdown. To prevent sudden breakdowns, change your oil as frequently as your car’s instruction manual recommends.

Not checking the Tire Pressure

To keep your car running efficiently and safely, you should keep an eye on the tire pressure. When the tire pressure is too low, it can increase the car’s breaking distance, and in turn increase the risk of crashing into the car in the front if it stops suddenly. Cars with low tire pressure are prone to hydroplaning in wet weather, which can also cause serious car accidents.

DIY repairs

Many people think that repairing their own car can save them some money, however, the costs can quickly escalate if you car ends up causing an accident. In many cases, repairs are best left to professionals.

Using a poor quality repair shop

Make sure you take your car to a professional repair shop with experienced mechanics and good reviews. Do not use a shop solely because they offer the cheapest services.

Ignoring Overheating

On hot days, engine overheating could be a serious problem. If you notice an overheating warning on the dashboard, turn off the air conditioning immediately to avoid putting strain on the engine. If the engine does not cool down, just stop and switch it off until it cools down. If you continue to drive while the engine overheats, it can prove very dangerous.

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