The Risk of Injury in Sideswipe Car Accidents

Texas has many multiple-lane highways, meaning there is a high risk of sideswipe car accidents.


sideswipe car accident occurs when two cars are headed in the same direction and one shifts direction enough to strike the other on the side. If a sideswipe accident is the cause of your recent injury, a Texas car accident attorney from RJ Alexander Law, PLLC may be able to help. If the other driver acted without regard for your safety, then you deserve to be compensated not only for your injury but for any damage that was done to your vehicle.

How a Sideswipe Car Accident Occurs

A typical scenario for a sideswipe accident is one driver trying to change lanes without first checking to make sure that there is not another car in his or her path. This causes the car to collide with the other on the side. If the driver was rapidly making the lane change, the impact can be forceful enough to push the car sideways, potentially into the line of other traffic.

Drifting across lanes will also cause a sideswipe accident to occur. These types of slow moving accidents are generally the result of driving while fatigued, under the influence, or texting and driving. No matter what the cause, the damage to the vehicle and injuries sustained could be severe.

Injuries From a Sideswipe Car Accident

In most cars, the majority of protection for the driver and passengers is located at the front and rear of the vehicle, where impacts are more likely to occur. In a sideswipe accident, the car that collides with yours ends up just inches away from your body. Even with side-impact airbags, there is still the possibility of damage to the legs, internal organs, and your head.

When high speed is involved, a car can be pushed into another lane of traffic or off of the road, causing a front- or rear-end collision. Depending on the severity of the crash, your injury could far exceed what you can afford to pay in medical bills. You may need the help of a side swipe Houston car accident lawyer to determine the cause of the accident, show fault, and compel the insurance company of the other driver to provide you with compensation for the damages you incurred.

Filing a Claim for Compensation After a Sideswipe Car Accident

If you are sideswiped while driving on a Texas highway and sustained injuries as a result, it is within your rights to seek compensation from the driver of the car that hit you. Contact RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756 to understand your legal rights.