Aggravating a Pre-Existing Condition in a Car Accident

The force of a car crash may aggravate an old condition.

Thousands of Americans are treated for medical conditions every day. Chronic knee pain from a high school football injury could still plague a 35 year old mailman. The force of a car crash may aggravate an old condition. It is only fair that you be compensated for that, even though the defense may think otherwise. It would be helpful to have a car accident lawyer on your side to prove them wrong.

Some Texas car accident lawyers may view the presence of a pre-existing condition as a weakness to your claim, but that is not true. In some instances, proof of a prior injury may actually go to show how it has been made worse as a result of the accident. If the mailman with the football injury has been receiving regular medical care that included imaging the knee, then a scan of the knee taken after the accident will show how the condition has deteriorated as a result.

Since car accidents can cause injury to virtually any part of the human body, it only stands to reason that any type of pre-existing medical condition or injury may be aggravated by it. Be aware that prior to filing your claim, insurance adjustors may attempt to scare you with their knowledge of your condition and offer you a small settlement. Do not be intimidated. Instead defer them and their questions to your car accident attorney.

The most common pre-existing conditions that defense lawyers look for are neck and back injuries, disc disease and arthritis. Be upfront with your attorney about your past medical history. If your claim goes to trial the defense must be allowed access to your previous medical history. By not divulging that information to your attorney, you would be depriving him of the opportunity to review the records and prepare his counter arguments. Your attorney may even be able to show how your prior injury made you more susceptible to the new one.

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Never allow an insurance adjuster bully you into a low settlement just because of a pre-existing condition. Consult with a Texas car accident attorney before accepting any deal.

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