What to Do When the Houston Car Accident Settlement Offer is Too Low.


If you have received a settlement offer from the insurance company that you believe is not fair, you have two choices.

You can accept the offer and absorb the rest of the damages personally or you can hire a Houston car accident attorney and fight for the real value of your car accident claim. Without an attorney representing you, a car insurance company may offer you a lowball offer. In fact, some studies have shown that settlement offers may be 3.5 times higher when there is a lawyer involved. Unless you have an attorney, the car insurance company may use this to their advantage to make offers that you feel obligated to take without the presence of an attorney.

Fighting for a Fair Settlement

Once you have an experienced lawyer involved, the insurance company knows that you have the ability to fight for a fair settlement. Have an understanding with your attorney before hand about what your expectations are and at which point you will cease negotiations and proceed with a civil trial. While this is a more costly route, it may be the only choice that the insurance company leaves you. Fortunately, the vast majority of car accident claims are settled to the victims satisfaction before getting to that point.

Working with a Houston Car Accident Attorney

Be forthcoming with your car accident lawyer about the details of the accident and your insurance policy. If injuries were involved, you also must be able to provide detailed information about your medical care. The more evidence you have for the attorney, the more serious the insurance company will take your case.

Answer your attorney’s phone calls promptly and show up on time for scheduled meetings and depositions. It is also important to remember that you are not obligated to talk with any representative of the insurance company without your attorney. This includes their lawyers as well. Speaking to anyone from the opposing party without your lawyer’s knowledge can cause irreparable damage to your case.

Do Not Lose Your Rightful Compensation – Houston Car Accident Settlement Is Too Low

Insurance adjustors and car accident attorney’s both have a fairly good idea of how much a case is worth before going into negotiations. The insurance company knows this before they even make their first lowball offer to you. Before losing the chance to obtain your full rightful compensation, consult with RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756.


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