Houston Car Accident Punitive Damages for Drunk Driving Lawsuits


Despite heavy penalties for the crime of drunk driving, over a million drivers make the choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Drivers from all age groups and across every economic background face criminal charges for drunk driving each year. Despite heavy penalties for the crime, this crime still occurs frequently. If you have been the victim of a drunk driver in a car accident, it is your right to seek compensation.

The Danger of Driving Drunk – Houston Car Accident Punitive Damages

The dangers of drunk driving has been common knowledge for decades. Drunk driving statistics prove that not only is the driver at risk, any passengers in the car and other motorists are subject to injury. Drinking alcohol severely impairs a person, making driving a motor vehicle particularly difficult. Vision is altered and reaction time significantly reduced, both factors that are important in driving safely. This is why drunk drivers are responsible for an alarmingly high number of accidents and why they should not be allowed to get away with it easily.

Punitive Damages – Houston Car Accident Punitive Damages

The general public, which makes up your average jury panel, is also well aware of the dangers associated with drunk driving. This can lead them to impose punitive damages in a trial for a drunk driving accident, above the amount of the award. Punitive damages are meant to further punish a defendant when their negligent behavior is considered to be particularly heinous. The well-known dangers of drunk driving allow for punitive damages to be applied.

Defense attorney’s are aware of the possibility of these types of punishments and will usually try to settle the case outside of the courtroom. Your Texas car accident attorney can negotiate a settlement amount that compensates you for your injuries and the pain and suffering you have endured.

Compensation For Injuries and Damages – Houston Car Accident Punitive Damages

When a drunk driver strikes another vehicle, they should be held liable for the accident and any injuries that result. As the victim of a crime, you have the legal right to sue them and be financially compensated for the damage to your body, mind, and personal property. A Texas car accident attorney will also look into your future medical care and make sure that the drunk driver is held responsible for this as well.

Even though the dangers of drunk driving are well known and liability is clear, do not make the mistake of negotiating your own settlement with the drunk driver’s insurance company. They will not offer you a settlement that is reflective of the full extent of the damages their client caused. Only a qualified Texas car accident attorney has the ability to present your case and secure the maximum amount of compensation possible.

You deserve to recover the damages from an accident with a drunk driver. Call Houston car accident punitive damages lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756 if you or someone you love is suffering as a result of a drunk driving accident. Begin the process towards securing the compensation that you deserve.

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