Auto Accidents on Bridges – Car Crash Attorney Houston, TX

A car accident on one of these bridges can pose special challenges for motorists.


Houston has many waterways and bridges, forming an essential part of the state’s transportation system. Each year, many car accidents occur on Texas bridges. Common causes include poor bridge maintenance and road collapse. A car accident on a bridge can be particularly dangerous.

Drowning Risk

One of the biggest risks with car accidents on a bridge is when vehicles are pushed into the water, sinking with passengers still inside them. Although reinforced sides of a bridge and guardrails are meant to offer protection against such instances, they sometimes fail.


There have been many accidents in which guardrails have caused injuries of their own. The guardrails that are shorter may fail to stop a car from skidding out of control. In some cases, the guardrails may actually pierce the car, leading to further injury.

Bridge Collapse

The poor design of a bridge or inadequate maintenance can cause it to deteriorate over time, leading to a collapse that can send vehicles crashing into water. Bridges that permit oversize and overweight trucks are particularly vulnerable.

Bridges with Narrow Lanes

One of the most terrifying things that can happen in a crash on a bridge is that a driver is left with no space to get out of the way of a collision. Especially on a two lane bridge, there is no shoulder or other area to maneuver in the event of a car crash. This can cause multiple vehicle accidents.

Traffic Congestion

The problem with many bridges is that they are the only way to get to a particular destination. This means that in event of a crash or construction, these bridges become quite congested. This can lead to situations such as aggressive driving and road rage.

Poor Bridge Design

In some cases, bridges are designed in a way that they become more prone to accidents. Lack of barriers to separate two lanes of traffic and other similar design flaws can lead to a higher risk of accidents.

Uneven Surfaces

Certain surfaces tend to become slick and some bridges are designed to move out of the way of larger ships, creating an uneven surface, which can become a challenge to drivers.

High Winds

Sometimes high winds pose a challenge to vehicles on bridges. Tractor trailers and other big rigs with a high center of gravity are especially at risk of a crash in windy weather.

Car accidents do not just impact the persons involved, but also friends and family. Medical expenses and lost wages contribute to financial crisis. Speak to a Houston bridge car accident lawyer from RJ Alexander Law, PLLC for legal help. Call us at (832) 458-1756.