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For more than six years, RJ Alexander Law, PLLC has been focusing on helping automobile accident victims receive full and fair compensation.


According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), an estimated 37,000 people die in automobile accidents each year. An additional 2.35 million people are either injured or disabled.

The reality is that automobile accidents are incredibly common and when they are serious, they can leave the victims and their families with many financial and physical burdens.

At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, you will find a Houston automobile accident attorney who has earned his credentials through successful negotiations and vigorous courtroom representation. Our focus is on helping the victims of automobile accidents receive full and fair compensation.

Proving Negligence in Houston Automobile Accidents

A negligent driver is someone who behaves in a thoughtless or careless manner, resulting in harm or injury to another person. Thinking that someone has been negligent is very different from being able to prove that they were. That is why it is very important that the victim hire an experienced and knowledgeable automobile accident attorney. You can be sure that the other person involved will have an attorney advocating their case.

Negligent driving can include many different types of thoughtless or careless acts. Some of the most common types include:

  • Following too close
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted while driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Racing
  • Stop sign violation
  • Running a red light

At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, we want to provide you with information regarding the causes of car accidents for two reasons: first and foremost, to make you aware of the some of the dangers on the road so you will be a defensive driver and avoid an accident. Second, we want to reinforce that we have and can handle any type of auto accident, including head-on collisions, side impact accidents and rear-end collisions. We handle all types of serious injury claims from car accidents ranging from whiplash to brain damage to death.

What to do After Being Involved in an Automobile Accident

Many car accident victims are in a state of shock after being struck by another vehicle. They may not know what to do, or who to turn to for help.

While every automobile accident is unique, there are some common tips that any victim can follow to ensure the situation is resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Seek proper medical attention
  • Avoid discussing the accident and save your apologies
  • Get as much information as you can
  • Photograph the scene
  • Have someone take notes if you are unable to
  • Do not accept initial insurance offers
  • Contact an experienced automobile accident attorney

RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, located in Houston, TX, will provide answers to your questions and relieve the stress following a serious automobile accident.

Houston Automobile Accident Attorney

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