Texas Auto Accidents and Broken Nose Injuries

Anyone who suffers a nasal fracture in an auto accident can claim compensation from the party at-fault.


Facial injuries are a common result of car accidents. Any part of the face can get injured or fractured as a result of the impact of an accident. A victim can suffer a nasal fracture when the face or head is impacted in the crash. This can happen if the victim hits the dashboard, window, steering wheel or seat, or during the air bag deployment. The treatment of a nasal fracture depends on the severity of the injury. While minor injuries are relatively easier to treat, the more serious ones may require surgical intervention, including reconstructive surgery.

Symptoms of a Nasal Fracture

The first sign of a broken nose is that the victim will hear or feel the bone cracking at the time of impact. Some common symptoms of a nasal fracture are:

  • swelling
  • change in the appearance of the nose
  • pain and tenderness
  • bleeding
  • bruising
  • mucus discharge from the nose
  • difficulty breathing

It is important to note that a person may not experience any symptoms of a broken nose for up to three days after the injury.

Serious Broken Nose Injuries

A broken nose is not a life threatening condition, but if there are other underlying serious conditions such as a neck or spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury, a victim will have to seek emergency medical care. A victim must be rushed to emergency care if he or she shows the following signs and symptoms:

  • profuse bleeding
  • difficulty breathing
  • signs of traumatic brain injury such as changes in vision or loss of consciousness
  • signs of neck injury
  • clear fluid from nose

It is important to seek immediate medical attention if any of the above mentioned symptoms are experienced. Anyone who has been injured in a car accident, irrespective of the seriousness of the injury, should see a doctor to rule out any serious injuries that do not show immediate symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Nasal Fractures

The diagnosis of a nasal fracture may involve a physical exam of the nose in which the external and internal condition of the nasal structure is thoroughly examined. An X-ray is usually not required to diagnose a nasal fracture. However, if the doctor suspects other injuries as well, then an MRI or CT scan may be ordered.

Minor nasal fractures that do not involve profuse bleeding or deformity can be treated with simple remedies such as pain medication and icing the injury. A doctor may perform a closed reduction to realign the broken bone. In this case, the patient is given a local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Severe fractures may require surgery, which can be done on an out-patient basis and usually involves a recovery period of about a week.

Auto Accident Attorney Houston
Anyone who suffers a nasal fracture in a car accident can claim compensation for all the resulting losses-both economic and non-economic from the at-fault driver. Contact a Houston car accident attorney for legal advice. Call RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756.


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