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Broken glass in automobile accidents exposes drivers, passengers, and by-standers to the risk of severe injury.


Broken glass injuries are one of the most serious injuries suffered in a car crash. In event of a car accident, it is possible for the driver’s head to hit the windshield especially if they are not wearing seatbelt at the time of the crash. Broken glass often leads to serious injuries, and also exposes the passengers in a vehicle, and even innocent by-standers to the risk of severe injury. At times, flying broken glass has even lead to the death of by-standers.

Even when two vehicles collide at slow speed, passengers may suffer catastrophic injuries from broken glass. In spite of the fact that automotive manufacturers have come up with new car designs such as shatter proof windshields, they are not always effective in high speed car crashes.

Common Broken Glass Injuries

Some of the common injuries caused by broken glass include:

  • Surface Level Cuts: – These are caused by broken glass and are generally less severe as the cut does not penetrate into the deeper body tissue. Typically, this type of injury is requires minimal treatment, which may include wound cleaning, or stitching.
  • Deep Level Lacerations: – They often occur when there is penetration of broken glass into the skin. The broken glass can wound or cut the muscle fibers or the underlying skin, and at times they can even reach the bone. These types of injuries are severe and may require surgical repair.
  • Shock: – In most cases, a person will undergo psychological trauma after a car collision experience. This becomes aggravated in the cases where the person bleeds profusely. If the shock is not handled promptly and properly, the car crash victim might die.
  • Severed Limb: – The broken glass shards are capable of penetrating through the tissue into the bone. This condition can sever the limb of a car crash victim. For the cases in which most of the limbs arteries have been severed, amputation may be a surgical option.
  • Fatality: – When a victim bleeds profusely because of the broken glass shards severing the neck’s or leg’s arteries, death is likely to result. If the medical team is not prompt in response, a bleeding car crash victim might die.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Most car crash victims who suffer broken glass injuries are faced with several health-related problems even after the completion of the healing process. Broken glass can easily leave scars, or even deform the body of a car crash victim, leaving visible reminders of the unfortunate accident. The victim can suffer from lifelong pain if the scar tissues do not heal properly.

In addition, when the broken glass shards penetrate the skin, they expose the victim to the risk of infection. If the open wounds are not properly managed, the victim is susceptible to developing staph infections.

Broken Glass Cut Houston Car Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered broken glass injuries because your head hit the windshield in an accident caused by another person’s fault, you can make a claim with the help of an experienced Houston car wreck attorney. Call us 24/7 to schedule a free and private consultation with a qualified lawyer.

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