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Shocking Pedestrian Accident Statistics – Cypress Car Accident Lawyer

Every year, around 4000 pedestrians or killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States, and another 70,000 are injured.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines a pedestrian victim as anyone on foot, running, jogging, walking, sitting, lying down, or hiking who is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Every year around 4000 pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States and another 70,000 are injured. It is needless to say that such accidents can be physically and emotionally devastating. The effects of the injuries can be severe and long-lasting. In fact, the injuries do not just affect the person, but also their families and communities. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are a far too common occurrence, and they occur everywhere and can affect anyone.

Statistics show that one car accident related pedestrian fatality occurs every two hours. Furthermore, every eight minutes a pedestrian injury occurs. RJ Alexander Law PLLC believes that education is one the most effective ways to prevent such accidents. With better education, pedestrians can keep themselves safe and protect their rights in the event of an accident. In this post, we’ll discuss some key facts related to pedestrian accidents.

Serious injuries caused by pedestrian car wrecks – Cypress Car Accident Lawyer

The biggest difference between a car accident in a pedestrian accidents is that the person who was hit by a vehicle has absolutely no protection against the wreck. There are no airbags, seatbelts are even still frames to take the impact of the crash. This leaves the pedestrian susceptible to serious injuries, including internal injuries and even paralysis. Such severe injuries often have lifelong implications, so it is important to see compensation for both present and future medical and other related expenses.

Who is at the highest risk of such accidents? – Cypress Car Accident Lawyer
Children and older adults on the highest risk when it comes to pedestrian car accidents. According to national Highway traffic safety administration, about one in five children killed in motor vehicle accidents in the age group of 5 to 9 years pedestrians. Also, 20% of all pedestrian victims are elderly.

The Risk Factors – Cypress Car Accident Lawyer
Living and traveling around in a city, such as used in exposes you to the risk of pedestrian-car accidents. The crowded streets and many of people increase the likelihood of pedestrian crashes. So, it is extremely important to be alert and careful when driving or walking in the city. People travel from all over the world to live in the city of Houston. Therefore, they also bring different driving habits and wrote expectations with them. Across the street only when it is permitted and make sure that others fall. This rule as well. One major risk is alcohol impairment. Although most of us are aware of dangers of drunk driving, walking, it still goes on unabated in the downtown, Galleria, Heights, Eado, and Montrose areas of town. It is important not to drive or even walk under influence as it can increase your chances of getting involved in an accident. One must stay extra careful at nighttime.

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At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, our focus is on helping people recover for financial damages for injuries in wrongful deaths caused by pedestrian accidents. Contact us today at 832-458-1756 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free and private consultation.

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