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What do recent natural gas explosions mean for Houston, Texas and personal injury lawyers?

Recent natural gas pipeline explosion across the United States have called many to question whether or not the Keystone pipeline should be completed. Disregarding the current drop in the price of oil and gas and the likelihood that the market for these goods will likely remain bearish for the next six months to a year and a half, gas pipeline safety has taken on a new plateau of safety recommendations according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Due to the shale gas market explosion a review of gas pipeline safety must be examined much more intensely than ever before. Natural gas pipeline explosions in California, Florida, and West Virginia have demonstrated that state governments may not be regulating the movement of natural gas intrastate in the most efficient and careful manner.

In the California accident several people were killed due to the explosion and the number of homes were destroyed. The West Virginia explosion cause a fire that damaged several homes. The link between all three accidents is that the natural gas companies did not conduct inspections or tests that a reasonable company would have done to reveal potential liabilities for damage.

If the Keystone pipeline is completed the transportation of natural gas will and in Manchester, Texas. This small city located inside of the greater Houston Metropolitan area is a hub for refineries. It has also been documented that persons living within this area have a much higher cancer rate probability in their lifetimes than the average American. What is the likelihood that the state of Texas will soon face natural gas pipeline explosions as well due to the negligence of gas transmission pipelines?

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For more information on the subject you can read here: http://www.claimsjournal.com/news/national/2015/01/29/260823.htm

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