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Motorcycle Accidents and Spinal Injuries – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

One of the most devastating look and life-changing injuries resulting from motorcycle accident is a spinal injury.

The spinal cord controls communication of the brain with the rest of the body, and any injury to the spine can cause permanent damage lead to paralysis.

Types of spinal injuries – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Spinal injuries can be classified into complete or incomplete injuries based on whether or not the brain is still able to communicate with the rest of the body. Can please spinal injury severs communication at least the loss of sensory and motor function below the site of injury. In case of an incomplete spinal injury, the patient may not lose all functions completely.

Spinal injuries caused by motorcycle accidents can cause the fibers and pathways a caddy communication from the brain. And motorcyclist who suffers a spinal injury have serious long-term medical problems such as bowel dysfunction and osteoporosis.

Cervical spine injury – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
the cervical region begins at the base of the skull is comprised of eight vertebrae. The most serious cervical spine injury can lead to quadriplegia, paralysis from the neck down. These injuries may also cause a variety of medical conditions such as a loss of sensation, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and respiratory problems.

Thoracic spine injury – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
the thoracic region begins where the cervical region ends. This region contains 12 vertebrae. It is not common for thoracic spine injuries to occur in motorcycle accidents as this region is well protected by the rib cage. Encasement thoracic spine injury, the victim may suffer paraplegia.

Lumbar spine injury – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
right below the thoracic region is the lumbar region of the spine and contains five vertebrate. Such injuries often lead to paraplegia. Lumbar spine injuries often require surgical treatment.

Sacral spine injury – Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
this is the last section of the spine and contains five vertebrate. An injury to the sacral spine region causes loss about, and bladder function. The injured motorcyclist may experience weakness are paralysis of the hips and legs.

Spinal injuries often require law and extensive treatment. In injured motorcyclist may have to undergo surgery and spend extended time in the hospital to recover. Lifelong support a medical care may be required.

RJ Alexander Law PLLC – Houston motorcycle accident lawyer
If a motorcycle accident has led to a spinal injury was caused by another persons negligence, contact a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer from RJ Alexander law PLLC. You may be able to claim compensation from the responsible party. Call us today at 832-458-1756.

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