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There are an estimated 500,000 truck accidents in the United States each year.
5000 of these result in fatalities. The remainder often result in injuries of varying degrees with more than three major interstate train through the greater Houston area — I-10, US-290, I-45, our city and state of Texas. See more than their fair share of trucking accidents. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are caused by the negligence of truck drivers are trucking companies.

Common causes of truck accidents – Houston Truck Accident Attorney
in an attempt to increase their profits, truck driver, sometimes do things that endanger public safety. A speed. They don’t tend to require rest breaks and drive while tired. Some even use stimulants are illegal drugs stay awake.

To save money, trucking companies sometimes hire unqualified drivers or feel to perform the required inspections or maintain equipment properly. They may overload trailers, increasing the danger of a mechanical failure of brakes, tires and other semitruck equipment. Amount the cause of trucking accident, RJ Alexander law PLLC has the resources to help victims of truck accidents in Texas.

We understand how insurance company’s work to limit your recovery after a tractor-trailer accident. Insurance companies will immediately have people on the scene of an accident to gather evidence to limit their liability. The sooner you hire a lawyer to protect your interest, the sooner we have our investigators working to build your case.

With more than five years of legal experience, attorney Reshard Alexander understands the causes of truck accidents and the many factors that make truck accident claims so complex. He personally handles every truck accident case, including those involving:

– Faulty brakes and effective parts
– commercial trucks colliding with vans are shuttle buses
– bucket truck wrecks
– fire truck accidents
– pickup truck accidents
– tanker truck crashes

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