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Houston suffers its’ first wrongful death bicycle accident of 2015.

The first wrongful death bicycle accident of 2015 in the Houston Texas area occurred in Texas City on Friday, January 9. Richard Alan Reazin, 49, a resident of Texas City, was killed while riding his bicycle near the intersection of 2nd Ave., South and 35th St. police were able to track down and arrest his assailant using a nearby business’ surveillance camera which showed the road and the truck that hit Mr. Reazin.

René Sanchez, 76, faces a second-degree felony with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison for the failure to stop and render aid after an accident. Forensics illustrate that Mr. Reazin’s body was carried along the Dodge Ram pickup for at least one block after the initial impact. Police said the body was removed or felt the truck in the parking lot of a nearby bar. Sanchez is truck was found parked three blocks away from the scene at his home.

With over 4 million people living in the greater Houston metropolitan area the roadways can become very congested at times. However, the rights of Houston bicyclists and pedestrians must be respected. The carnage that a car or truck can create when impacting a bicyclist can be life altering our in this case result in wrongful death.

It is always a great travesty to witness the the needless extinguishment of a human life. It saddens me to see yet another person perish through violence enacted Houston roads. If you are your loved one is injured or killed in a hit-and-run bicycle accident call the Houston wrongful death bicycle accident lawyer. RJ Alexander law PLLC represents Texas bicycle accident victims and fights aggressively for maximum monetary compensation before and during trial. Initial consultations are always free and you can email the firm at rja@rjalexanderlaw.com or call the firm at 832-458-1756.


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