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Dock and Pier Injuries
Maritime Onshore Injuries occurring on Docks and Piers

Jones act seamen in maritime workers are frequently injured on docks and piers. Depending on your legal status, you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries against your employer, the vessel owner, or the owner and manager of the pier. Frequently docs are properly repaired and maintain. Access to the dock or from the peer may be dangerous because of an unsafe ladder, walkway, or gangplank. Seamen are protected from injury by their employers even while docks and piers, as long as the seamen is in the scope of his employment.

In Jones Act cases, seamen, fishermen, tugboat workers, and fish processors, your employer owes you a reasonably safe manner to get a boy and part your vessel. A vessel without safe means to get aboard to disembark as unseaworthy. It may be negligent for your employee to have you continue to work on a dock that they know to be defective and dangerous. Docs should be reasonably equipped with safety devices.

Tragically, many maritime workers are injured or killed in dock accidents each year. Various regulations and standards may set the standard of care for design and construction of the dock. Don’t guess about your rights to compensation. Accidents on docs and peers involve complex issues of jurisdiction and legal status, whether state or federal law governs, and statue limitations. In some cases you may have to file administrative claim before pursuing a claim against the dock owned by a city, county, or state. If you have been injured on a dock or pier, you should contact an experienced maritime onshore injury lawyer to discuss your potential claims and rights to compensation.

RJ Alexander Law PLLC, Houston onshore injury lawyer focuses on providing compassionate and understanding care to victims of dock and pier injuries. The firm is available to review accidents on docs and peers involving serious personal injuries in wrongful death. Litigating dock and pier cases can be highly complex. It is recommended that you contact an experienced maritime onshore injury lawyer as soon as possible after such an accident to learn about your rights to compensation. Early investigation of Dr. peer accidents can make a difference in whether or not your case is successful. RJ Alexander law PLLC is licensed throughout the state of Texas. The firm represents clients throughout the country and when necessary permitted by local court rules practices in association with local counsel in other jurisdictions.

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Longshoremen work on docks unloading cargo ships and vessels with cranes and heavy equipment. These skilled union workers earn good wages and an injury can devastate their families. RJ Alexander Law PLLC, Texas onshore injury lawyer assists longshoremen and their families in the process of putting their lives back together after a serious injury. Although it Longshoremen generally cannot recover damages beyond workers compensation from his employer, the longshoremen may have a claim against another company, including the owner of the vessel on which he or she was injured. A Longshoremen may have been injured by defective product or equipment. Under these circumstances, we may pursue a product liability claim for the longshoremen. Representing injury victims of accident that occurred on docs and peers, the maritime injury law firm focuses on helping many injured longshoremen obtain compensation.

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When a serious injury occurs during longshore work, you need an attorney with the experience and expertise to investigate, discover the cause of your injury, and prosecutor claim. Houston onshore injury lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC knows that you were hard for your livelihood and will work just as hard to protect you after a series injury.

Longshoremen suffer serious are catastrophic injuries, including knee, wrist, neck and back injuries; amputations; spinal cord injury; head injury; and burn injuries. The firm has the education and experience to provide knowledge, versatility, and a reputation for tenacity in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom. Results vary from case to case, but the firm focuses on enabling clients to get medical treatment and compensation for lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

Representing longshore workers and injury victims of Pier accidents in onshore injury

At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, the firm screens every longshore, maritime, dock worker injury case to ensure that resources are devoted to those whom can be helped. The selective process also allows potential clients to determine whether the firm is the best one to represent them.

Every case is handled like it’s going to trial. Large corporations and insurance companies will only pay significant settlements when they know that your case is ready for trial and the substantial verdict is likely. Every case is prepare for trial, expert or consultant in the fields necessary to prove your case, and the firm ensures that it has the skill and resources to go the distance if the case must be argued before a judge or jury. By being prepare for trial, we negotiate for a position of strength. When the other side knows were ready for trial they are more likely to put a higher value are your case and resolve it outside of the courtroom.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney regarding a case that involves a dock or peer injury, injuries during longshore operations, injuries or ships to longshore workers, cargo injuries, maritime law, or other workplace personal injury, please contact RJ Alexander Law PLLC at (832) 458-1756. Headquartered in Houston Texas, the onshore injury lawyer of RJ Alexander Law PLLC represents longshore workers throughout the state of Texas.