Escalator and Elevator Accidents

Choosing a Qualified Houston Escalator and Elevator Accident Lawyer

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In a city the size of Houston, it’s nearly impossible to go long without setting foot in an elevator. The city’s buildings contain roughly

How Do Elevator Accidents Happen?

The City of Houston can and does routinely inspect elevators though not as often as some would like and certainly not often enough to prevent accidents from occurring.

When people are seriously injured or killed in accidents involving elevators, their legal remedy is to file a lawsuit against the person or company that bears responsibility for what happened – typically the building’s owner, the maintenance company, the elevator’s manufacturer or come combination of these parties.

This falls under the umbrella of law known as personal injury and premises liability. The owner of a property hears a legal responsibility to ensure it is safe at all times. They can even be liable if the danger is caused by someone they hire, like a maintenance company.

If you file a lawsuit after an elevator accident, your attorney bears the burden of proving that the owner or another company was negligent in their legal duty to safety, and the attorney must show that the negligence resulted in your injury. If successful, you may be awarded compensation for your medical expenses and your suffering.

If a person is killed in an elevator accident, their legal rights don’t just disappear. Their family can bring what is called a wrongful death lawsuit arguing that the negligence resulted in death.

Of course, a lawsuit cannot bring back a loved one’s life or undo the trauma of a serious injury. But it may get compensation to make things easier for you and your family during recovery, and it sends a message that safety must be a priority.

Why Do I Need A Houston Escalator and Elevator Accident Lawyer?

Successfully handling these kind of cases requires experience in premises liability and personal injury law. Specifically, cases involving elevators require gaining access to regulatory records, inspection histories, medical records, safety standards and more. Building a strong case requires leaving no stone uncovered, and a good attorney knows where to look.

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