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Houston car and dump truck accidents – Houston Dump Truck Accident Lawyer
A car accident involving a dump truck can be quite serious. A dump truck is generally used for transporting material such as gravel, sand, or dirt for construction purposes. There typically equipped with a hydraulically operated open box being in the rear, so they can be lifted and the contents deposit on the ground, or into another receptacle.

A car accident can happen due to dump trucks carrying such materials. For instance, gravel could spill from a dump truck as it travels down the road. The gravel can break windshield to cause other types of damage to the vehicle that is following behind. The abrupt impact of the gravel or other substance smashing into a window or tire, could startle a driver and cause him/her to lose control and crash.

Another scenario could involve an unsuspecting driver driving on a road when a dump truck fails to yield when exiting a construction site. The impact of such a large truck smashing into a smaller vehicle could be catastrophic. Also, you to the nature of a dump trucks function, there often driven in reverse an accident caused by backing up can occur.

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