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Many property owners have dogs that they keep as pets. The law states that the owners of dogs and domestic animals are responsible for the animals and any damage they cause to people or other animals. If you were bitten by a dog, you need to speak with an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible. You have a limited amount of time to file your claim, and Houston dog bite attorney RJ Alexander Law, PLLC can make sure you are compensated fairly for your dog bite injuries.

Domesticated animals are “animals kept by humans in a tame condition (e.g., dogs, pigs, horses) that may also by custom devote itself to the service of mankind at the time and in the place in which it is kept.

“Wild animals” are animals that live in a natural state and that are not ordinarily tamed or domesticated (e.g. bears, tigers, coyotes).

The plaintiff in a negligent handling of animal case does not have to prove that the animal was vicious or dangerous in a suit for negligent handling of an animal.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates there are 4.5 million dog bites each year in the United States. Over 850,000 of these bites need medical attention. In 2012, State Farm Insurance reported it paid more than $108 million as a result of nearly 3,800 dog-bite claims. In 2012, the estimated cost of dog-bite claims to all insurance companies was $489 million.

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Each year, millions of innocent children and adults are seriously injured or even suffer wrongful death as a result of dog bite attacks. If you are your loved one has suffered a dogfight and don’t know what to do, we urge you to contact a lawyer for dog bite injuries as soon as possible. The Houston dog bite attorney at RJ Alexander Law, PLLC will help guide you through the necessary steps to provide you with the answers and direction you need. Do not hesitate. Please call the firm at (832) 458-1756 or contact a lawyer for dog by legal advice.

We know you have many questions and at this moment are scared about your future are the future of your child. As a Houston dog bite attorney, the firm represents dog bite injury victims and understand your pain and suffering. The firm is here to help you.

It is the firm’s goal to educate you on what to expect when you are victim of a dog bite injury and what to do after you’ve been bitten.

If you are a loved one has suffered a dog bite injury are you have a question that has not been answered, call Houston Dog Bite Attorney RJ Alexander law PLLC at (832) 458-1756 or contact the firm personally by email.

Child Safety – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
Children are the most frequent victims of dog bites. There are number of precautions parents can take to promote dog bite shall safety. Most importantly, teach young children, to be careful around pets.

They should not:

– Hug or approach a dog from behind;
– touches food bowl;
– pull parts of his body;
– steered directly into his eyes; or
– try to kiss him on the face.

Children should always ask permission from a dog’s owner before touching of paying a dog and when doing so, they should always put their hand out first of the dog consistent. Another important shall safety tip is to educate children on what to do if threatened by dog. Tell them to:

– Remain calm, do not scream
– Speak, and firmly;
– Avoid making eye contact with the dog;
– Try to stay still to the dog leaves are back away slowly into the dogs out of sight;
– Do not turn and run away; and
– If the child falls are is not to the ground, tell them to crawl into a ball with their hands over their head and neck, protecting their face.

Our children are precious and we need to do whatever is necessary to promote dog bite child safety. We do not have control over whether a dog sized to attack, but we can or more children with the knowledge of what to do if they ever come face-to-face with a vicious dog.

Dangerous breeds – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
According to the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) the most dangerous dog breeds include:

– Pitbulls
– Rottweilers
– German shepherds
– Huskies
– Alaskan Malamutes
– Doberman Pinschers
– Chow Chow
– Great Danes
– Saint Bernards
– Akitas

Many small dog owners ignore the dog behavior because they are smaller think they cannot hurt anyone. The truth is little dogs bite more than big dogs.

Although there is no way to predict when a dangerous dog will bite, we recommend taking the following into consideration:

if a dog has been treated harshly are trained to attack, there may be a tendency to buy a person. A dog owner can turn any dog into a dangerous dog. In most cases, the owner is responsible for the aggression, not the breed and not the dog.

If you leave a child alone with a dog, a dangerous situation can occur. Young children tend to grab onto dog without understanding how easily they can hurt the animal. Many dogs bite to protect themselves from the pain they feel and to give the child to stop. 95% of all child fatalities occur when a child is left alone with a dog.

Any dog can be a good, loving pet, even if it is considered a dangerous dog and likely to bite. A responsible owner will when the dogs respect by showing the dog love and respect, no matter its breed. You cannot determine, by breed alone, whether or not it is going to attack.

Injuries that Result in Texas Dog Bite Lawsuit Settlements

Dog bites can cause serious, and even fatal injuries to children and adults. Vicious dogs have a tendency to jump up and bite their victims in the torso area as well as the face and throat. Children are generally more susceptible to serious dog bite injuries for multiple reasons. First, children have a natural curiosity about dogs, and the innocence of a child leads them to approach the dog with less caution than an adult would. Children are also smaller, and their face, neck, and other vital organs are at a lower level and susceptible to bite wounds from a dog. Lastly, children are developing, which means that injuries sustained to bite wounds from a dog. Lastly, children are developing, which means that injuries sustained in a dog bite can follow them through their life and prevent them from developing properly. If your child was bitten by a dog, you need Houston dog bite attorney RJ Alexander Law, PLLC to handle a claim on your child’s behalf.

Adults can also suffer serious injuries from dog bites. The most common injury from a dog bite is a laceration or puncture wound. Lacerations and punctures from dog bites can cause serious blood loss, scarring, disfigurement, and even muscle or tendon damage. Many individuals who are bit by dogs suffer scarring and disfigurement on their face, and require extensive plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. In extreme cases, a dog can kill a child or an adult.

Some large breeds have bite capacities that can crush a person’s throat or cause serious head and torso trauma. Some individuals suffer a great deal of blood loss in addition to their wounds, which can also be fatal. If you or someone you love was injured by a dog bite, you should contact Houston dog bite attorney RJ Alexander Law, PLLC to discuss filing a claim. Many homeowners and property owners have insurance policies that cover them if their pet injures someone. These claims can be simple and straightforward when they are handled by a Houston dog bite attorney so call RJ Alexander Law, PLLC today.

If you or your child were bitten by a dog and you would like to know more about dog bite law in Texas, call Houston dog bite attorney RJ Alexander Law, PLLC at (832) 458-1756.