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At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, we represent the victims of bus, shuttle, and taxi accidents.

Understanding Common Carrier Liability – Houston Bus Accident Attorney
Buses and taxis are called “common carriers.” You are paying them to provide transportation and they are held to a high standard of safety and care. Bus driver should therefore have appropriate training to prepare them for the challenges they may encounter on the roadway. School bus driver should also have trained to protect students from harm both on the bus and around the bus after the exit.

At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, we represent the victims of bus, shuttle, and taxi accidents. Our goal is to ensure you receive maximum financial recovery for your injuries and losses with more than five years of experience in personal injury law, attorney Reshard Alexander has helped numerous clients in Texas.

Causes of bus accidents – Houston Bus Accident Attorney
one of the complications that can be encounter with a Metrobus or school bus accident is the issue of liability. Sometimes it is a private bus or taxi company that is liable, but other times liability rest of a school district or state or local government. Bring a personal injury case against the government entity is far different than a typical motor vehicle accident case against the insurance company.

That is when experience becomes even more important. As an experienced lawyer, Reshard Alexander knows how to handle lawsuit against bus companies, taxicabs, school districts, and state and local governments. He is fully prepared to seek maximum compensation for injuries suffered in bus are taxicab accident involving:

– Reckless driving
– Drunk driving
– Collisions between 18 Wheeler trucks and buses, taxicabs, or light rail
– Pedestrians being hit are run over by a bus or taxicabs
– Bus rollover accidents
– Tire blowouts are inadequate, vehicle maintenance

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