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Have you or a loved been severely injured due to a Houston boating accident?
Houston Boat Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC can help you recover payment for your injury personal injury expenses. Water accidents have become a common occurrence with the increased use of commercial vessels as well as recreational boats.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a negligent boat driver, you may have rights to receive compensation! Contact Houston Boat Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC for more information regarding your right to compensation for different types of boating accidents!

Water Accidents are common – Houston Boat Accident Lawyer
According to the United States Coast Guard, there were a total of over 12 million registered recreational boats across the United States. In the past few years there have been over 10,000 boating accidents with resulting fatalities, injuries, and millions in property damage.

What causes boat and water accidents? – Houston Boat Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC
Often, negligence and improper handling of boating equipment by the operator is the common cause of boating accidents and can be prevented using reasonable judgment during operation of a water vessel. Approximately 70% of all fatal boating accident victims dorwn – 87% of which are found not wearing a life jacket.

Overall, carelessness and reckless operation, operator inattention, excessive speed and operator inexperience are leading contributors to serious boating accidents. Collisions with other vessels are the most reported type of accident, through capsizing and falling overboard are reportedly the most common types of fatal accidents.

Other common causes and factors of boating accidents may include:
– Operating while under the influence of alcohol and drugs
– Operating in inclement weather condition
– Lack of experience
– Accidents during water activities
– Onboard explosion or fires
– Electrocution due to lightning or striking a power line

How to Prevent Boating Accidents? – Houston Boat Accident Lawyer
While operating a recreational water vessel, precautions can be taken to prevent boat accidents or minimize the damage if a boat accident occurs. Here are some safety tips:

Always wear life jackets and dress for possible water immersion.
Be aware of weather conditions. Cold weather is more dangerous: lower water temperatures and fewer boaters or water patrols are available to rescue if in distress.
Do no drink alcohol while on the water as it can severely impair judgment and cause serious accidents that may result in harm, damage, and even fatality.
Take advantage of available distress-alerting and position-indicating technologies. In the event of an emergency, such equipment can help rescuers locate water vessels in distress.
Always inform a guard or family member what time you intend to return from a boating or water trip.

What to do if a Texas Boating Accident Injury Occurs – Houston Boat Accident Lawyer
If a boating accident occurs, the operator of the boat should file an accident report with the proper authorities if any of the following has occurred:

– A person is severely injured and requires medical attention beyond first aid or a life is lost due to the boat accident
– Property damage totals more than $500
– The accident causes complete damage to the water vessel
– A person has disappeared from the vessel with potential circumstances of death or severe injury

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