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The city of Houston pedals into the future with Bicycle Master Plan

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While the death of Chelsea Norman and the resulting trial of her killer has rocked the conscience of automobile drivers throughout the city of Houston, local cyclist are still being maimed and killed by negligent drivers.

“According to Executive Director of BikeHouston, Michael Payne, Houston is in the bottom quartile compared to our city’s size and transportation infrastructure peer group, in terms of investment in terms of things like collisions between people driving cars and people riding bikes.”

However, it seems that Houston is now steadily pedaling into the future as city Council has approved the first bicycle master plan in over 20 years.

“The plan, Payne, says would incorporate traffic studies with ideas from writers about what type of improvements they want to see, where they live, where they worked, and where they want to bike. Ultimately, the hope is that at the end of the planning process, the city will have a concrete list of priorities to tackle, like street improvements in well-defined networks designed to help cyclist safely travel the city.”

Payne along with a number of local community leaders have strongly advocated for the incorporation of bicyclists’ safety concerns and needs. This friendly and vocal entourage has helped to establish connected trail systems, bicycle passing ordinance, and a dedicated bike lane on Lamar Street in downtown Houston.

Due to the size of a city like Houston (you can fix the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii in Houston), it will take quite some time before a bicyclist can safely travel from one local neighborhood to the next.

“According to the funding scheme laid out in the city Council ordinance, the city will ship in $125,000 to hire an outside consultant to develop the plan, while bike Houston has agreed to kick in $100,000. It’s raised for the plan. The Houston Parks Board and H GAC have chipped in 25,000 and $125,000, respectively.”

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For more information on BikeHouston and how to become involved in bicycle advocacy follow the link here.

For information on the original story follow this link.



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