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At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC we understand how hard it can be to manage the financial and medical consequences that follow a serious automobile accident.

Everyone knows someone who has been involved in an automobile accident. Many accidents are minor, and result in minimum injury to both vehicle and driver. However, some automobile accidents can result in very serious injuries, even death.

If you are a loved one have been involved in an automobile accident, you likely have many questions. At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, we provide efficient and practical legal help for auto accident victims throughout Texas.

Causes of automobile accidents – Houston Automobile Accident Attorney
Each year millions of Americans are injured or killed in automobile accidents. It is estimated that nearly 2,000,000 people experienced permanent injuries duties accidents each year.

Some of the most common causes for car accidents include:
– driving while intoxicated
– distracted driving
– driver fatigue
– negligent or reckless driving
– speeding
– texting while driving

Distracted driving is among the leading cause of automobile accidents today. A distracted driver is anyone driving an automobile that takes his or her attention from the road to either talk on a cell phone, eat food, apply makeup or text. When a person’s inattentiveness causes an auto accident, this can be considered negligent driving.

At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, our sole focus is on helping the victims of automobile accidents receive fair and full compensation, even in injury accident cases involving uninsured or underinsured drivers. To increase chances for a positive outcome. Our firm prepares every case as if it will go to trial: investigating the car accident, interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence to prove the other driver was at fault. We are fully prepared to handle the most complicated cases.

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RJ Alexander Law, PLLC is dedicated to getting the maximum compensation for injury victims in Texas. After a serious injury are the loss of a loved one in an automobile accident, you need to know that someone is on your side, protecting your rights and present an effective case to the insurance company. File a strong advocate, you may not receive the financial compensation you need and deserve after a car, truck, motorcycle, bike or pedestrian accident.

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