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Accidents with commercial trucks can arise when a driver fails to check his or her blind spot. Either a truck driver or car driver can be liable in a case involving a failure to check blind spots. Both drivers have a duty to use the best driving practices on the road and to make accommodations to one another when necessary. For example, car drivers need to know that there may be some areas where it is almost impossible for truck drivers to see cars on the road. In knowing this, car drivers can be more aware of their driving patterns and avoid collisions with large commercial trucks.

On a large commercial truck, there are some main blind spots to be aware of and consider while one is driving on the road. Some of the main blind spots include the following:

  • Blind spot in front of the truck cab
  • Blind spot behind the driver’s window
  • Blind spot on the right of the truck
  • Blind spot directly behind the driver and the storage area of the truck

Truck drivers must also engage in some safety behaviors to minimize the risks posed by these blind spots. For example, truckers must use all possible mirrors on the truck to find blind spots or see cars on the road. They must also drive with patience in changing lanes to avoid hitting cars on the road. Truckers may still be liable for accidents even when a car has driven in the “no-zone” surrounding a truck. A blind spot truck accident lawyer can aid in the process of investigating “no-zone” areas and whether a trucker failed to meet his or her duty in driving a truck.

Determining Liability in Blind Spot Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Car drivers should try to give ample space to trucks when driving in order avoid liablity in potential accident cases. In the event, that there is an accident and a video recording of the road, a jury may consider the space that the car driver provided to the truck on the road. If it seems that the car driver was tailgating the truck or otherwise failed to provide necessary space, then the car driver could be liable.

In many instances, the truck driver is liable for damages arising from an accident. A truck crash lawyer can pursue a further investigation of the facts surrounding your case. It may be that a truck driver did not receive the proper training in your case, and a truck company could be liable for failing to give a training program for this employee. A truck driver may not have the proper license required under the law for a particular state, and this could also make him or her liable for accidents. A truck company could also be liable for negligent hiring in failing to consider whether a truck driver had the required license for that state. If the truck driver also had a poor driving record, then a truck company could also be liable for negligent hiring. A lawyer may be able to show that a truck company failed to perform a background check on a truck driver, and this could mean that the truck driver is liable for causing an accident.

Injuries Resulting When a Truck Wreck Occurs Due to the Driver’s Failure to Abide to Professional Driving Standards – Blind Spot Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

There may be certain cases where it is clear that a truck driver has failed to act in accordance with the level of professionalism expected of other truck drivers in the industry. If he or she has driven while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, then these could be instances where a driver is automatically liable for any harm suffered to a car driver. Safe driving practices for a truck driver may be different from what would be expected of a normal driver on the road. Because of the truck driver’s heightened responsibility in transporting goods and operating a large vehicle, he or she must use additional precautions in driving on the road.

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