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59 Eastex freeway wrong way driver dies in Houston car wreck

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A Houston driver was killed while traveling the wrong way on 59 Eastex freeway when he crashed head-on into an 18-wheeler.

According to officers, the man was traveling in a GMC Sierra pickup at a high rate of speed in the northbound lanes
died at the scene. The truck survivor sustained minor injuries.

After the initial accident, a dump truck hit the 18 wheeler and the driver of the dump truck fled the scene.

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In order to get a fair and just recovery, the law allows it, it is important:

– Understand your rights when talking to an insurance adjuster. You not have to accept a quick settlement.

– Follow your doctor’s advice. We do not want the insurance company to argue that you may your injury worse by failing to follow the doctor’s advice.

– Don’t wait too long. Have a limited time to file a claim you don’t want forgo recovery because of a missed deadline.

You do not want to lose any part of your potential recovery because of unnecessary complication.

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For more information: http://www.click2houston.com/news/3car-accident-shuts-down-all-nb-lanes-of-eastex-freeway-at-laura-koppe/34714650


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